Nutria Organic White Sesame Seeds, 16 oz, 1 lb

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Great flavor combined with numerous health benefits-that is what you will get from our sesame seeds If you want a tasty, nutty ingredient with a delicate crunch that can support your nutrition you have come to the right place Nutria provides the highest quality, natural products that will work wonders for you, too Want to know why this superior product is considered a superfood? Check out: it is made under USDA certified facilities. 100% Organic and natural It is a great source of protein with a content of almost 20 percent. Perfect for muscle development and strength It also contains large amounts of iron, magnesium and calcium that are beneficial for your overall health and skin Hulled sesame seeds can be consumed instantly with no further process, roasted, or can be added in many different foods Stop consuming chemical supplements that cost a fortune and provide less than our natural superfood Purchase with confidence. Scroll up & click add to cart now, while everything is still in front of your eyes.


  • USDA organic certified foods are grown and processed according to federal guidelines
  • Multiple uses-you can consume your organic sesame seeds directly from the box, add them in your salad and generally use them on many different recipes
  • Full of protein-the nutria white sesame seeds are a great source of high quality protein
  • Iron, magnesium, calcium-you can get many health benefits from putting this superfood in your daily life
  • 100% Risk free-we want you to be absolutely happy with your purchase


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